It makes him feel so loved, and it makes me feel special

It makes him feel so loved, and it makes me feel special

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Ladies – THANK YOU. It’s so wonderful to find a site that I can so completely agree with – I love my husband and like you all – I love being intimate with him as often as possible. I’ve truly been enjoying reading your blogs and have shared them with my husband often. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

What a great post proclaiming your passion for passion in a marriage! I guess I’m a fellow nympho because nothing excites me more than giving my hubby pleasure. He takes supreme care of me too, in and out of the bedroom.

My husband of 16 years and I have a blessed love life, but I grew up in a conservative household and sex was a dirty and sinful thing

I am excited to find your site, and even more excited to know that there are other nympho wives out there! I think what you are doing here is awesome and I look forward to reading what’s to come. Thanks!

I am really glad that I found this site. I’ve always wondered if there was something that was especially designed for christian women who were married, believed in the Word of God, and dealt with sex and sexual issues. Thank you ladies so much for taking the time to put something together like this. It is helping me tremendously.

HONEY I’M HOME. Well if It isn’t a bunch of like minded ladies! so very glad to meet you all..

I have been absorbing the information from this site for the past couple of months but was a bit nervous about posting. Yesterday, you posted about an activity that has been weighing on me in that I LOVE doing it to my DH, but I had been feeling terrible afterwards.

If it wasn’t missionary with my DH, I felt guilty. A little guilty for being taken doggy-style, a lot guilty for my DH taking me that way in my rear and REALLY guilty for taking him that way. I’ve learned to deal with it over the past decade and a half, but I always felt dirty and sinful to some degree for really enjoying lovemaking with my DH and engaging in the activities that really excite both of us.

I think I like the fiery spices in our marriage more than he does, probably because of how taboo I grew up being told that they were. Go figure. This site has opened my eyes on how my Lord Jesus Christ gave me a body that was designed to feel pleasure from all the different ways my husband touches me, and he has a body that loves to be pleasured by his nympho wife! Taking my advice for bedroom activities from The Holy Bible has been so healing for my marriage versus listening to those voices in my head from my parents.

May God continue to richly bless you and all the Christian women that are receiving a blessing from sharing about how wonderful lovemaking with the man God created for us to be can be.

Thank you so much for this site. It was a blessing that came along to me just at the right time. Let’s just say things were much spicier tonight than they have been in a long time thanks to some time I spent on your site last night.

I am new to your site and I love it! I am a 50 year old female who has been e from a home where most sexual acts were ok as long as you loved the person, then becoming a Christian at 21 and believing very little was ok even in marriage! I have come full circle and believe all is ok again as long as you’re married and it is mutually agreeable and there is no harm your body! Thanks so much for this site!

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