I’ve lived-in Colombia for over 3 years today, specifically in Medellin, whilst touring throughout most of the nation…

I’ve lived-in Colombia for over 3 years today, specifically in Medellin, whilst touring throughout most of the nation…

Visiting everywhere from Palomino to Mocoa. I’ve viewed more of Colombia than the majority of Colombians, and possesses come to be my residence out of the house and is the longest I’ve ever before lived in another country. From then on very long, I was certain to determine some worst things about Colombia, the sorts of points that rub me personally wrong, and/or activities I dislike pertaining to residing right here.

To all or any my Colombian friends or readers, i wish to end up being obvious that I love staying in Medellin, and I also love Colombia.

I’ve never been lured to state “Colombia sucks!” or “I detest Colombia!” whenever the the truth is quite the opposite.

There are plenty of reasons to head to Colombia, but that does not suggest we can’t discuss the poor reasons for having Colombia, nicely. It’s little private.

You can find bad and the good reasons for having any where on the planet (like other places I’ve loved dwelling), there tend to be more circumstances Everyone loves about residing Colombia than we hate–which is undoubtedly the reason why I’ve remained a long time.

I don’t mean to offend any person, i simply wanna manage many real frustrations, annoyances, or drawbacks about located in Colombia, or occasionally most particularly about living in Medellin (along with a number of the silly, insignificant issues that perplex or confuse me as an expat).

Know while checking out that just because things is found on this number, that does NOT mean

1) really a life threatening issue that wrecks my personal times or damages living, and thus i ought to “just go back to Los EEUU”. In the event it had been, i might.

2) it really is “the worst” in every considering classification when truly there are some other metropolitan areas or nations that are worse offenders than Medellin or Colombia in several kinds or qualifications.

3) these problems are special merely to Medellin or Colombia, or that the US (my room nation) does not furthermore have problems with a few of the exact same troubles down the page.

4) that certain complaints apply to each and every people or place in Colombia, when there always were exclusions, although if I’ve incorporated they the following, it is given that it’s a thing that try much too typical or that almost all seem to carry out.

Ultimately, in case you’re just a little slow throughout the consumption, a lot of this can be written in jest…

With those caveats out-of-the-way, let’s bring onto certain worst reasons for having Colombia.

Ineffective Enterprises

It appears as though the connection between quality/price and solution in many cases are inversely linked in Medellin. I can’t inform you how many times I’ve come out to a notably middle class or trendy club or bistro and you’ve got to practically ask for provider through the waiters or waitresses.

Once they can ultimately end up being annoyed to last (usually with a look of disdain that you will be which makes them work), they finally started to take your purchase, right after which it will take them half the night to carry you the food or beer.

The worst part though, is that they possess neurological right at the end to ask if to feature “servicio” (aka a tip) due to their very conscious service (in a culture in which tipping is not usual, although I know tipping is usually more perplexing situations a foreigner encounters whenever visiting the united states).

All of these people have a similar spiel once you require the balance “vas a pagar en efectivo o con tarjeta?” “y deseas incluir el servicio?”

Whereas you are able to head to a cheap little mother and pop music cafe for an eating plan throughout the day for like $3 (9.000 pesos) and also you get fast, efficient, and even friendly solution with no hope of an idea.

I really once had some guy chase me personally along the block because I “paid excessively” aka left a moderate idea with regards to ended up beingn’t expected.

The fact is that big enterprises usually hire inexperienced folks, as there are those types of odd guidelines in Colombia that makes it extremely tough or nearly impossible to fire these people — the onus is found on the business getting influence to fire them (and then establish it) and/or staff can sue.

And since waitstaff don’t obtain her income through methods (and can’t feel fired if you are a terrible worker), they behave like it is a nuisance if they actually have to work as soon as you appear, instead sit around chatting on WhatsApp.

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