Making use of mineral sodium (Seltin) has also been examined

Making use of mineral sodium (Seltin) has also been examined

This new questionnaire was particularly aimed at quantitatively evaluating magnesium and you can calcium on the eating plan, regarding portion sizes and employ out-of regional plain tap water for the beverages along with preparing food.

There are twenty-several questions regarding the intake of whole milk and milk products, seafood, meat, bread and you may cereals, fresh fruit, vegetables, crazy and you can snacks and five inquiries to your usage of beer, wines, drinking water and you can plain tap water established beverages (java, tea, liquid etc).

The new Institution regarding Logical Diet evaluated of the person intake of magnesium and you can calcium supplements. Personal basal kcalorie burning (BMR) was determined centered on Schoefield et al. based on gender, many years, lbs and you can peak . Within inhabitants, the every single day full energy expense try projected to be 1.5* BMR. It shape was utilized while the a sign of the brand new portion dimensions (small, normal otherwise large) getting major meals in the individual data. With other food types, home procedures particularly bottles, spoon, cup, cuts etcetera., and you can practical section size centered on Swedish requirements were used .

Investigation to own calcium and you will magnesium posts when you look at the snacks have been obtained from eating tables into the “Swedish Dining Data base” on National Restaurants Government and you may off producers analyses of nutrient h2o and you can off real regular water analyses. To possess food snacks including rice, folded oats, beans (peas, beans, lentils) and you can, pasta, the new computations have been made towards lifeless weight, adding the right number of tap water or dairy, on preparing. The latest quote out of dieting calcium and magnesium, based on regional regular water was centered on drinking water analyses and you couples hookup sites will the individual amount of liquids put, together with cooking and you can beverages.

Research steps

Bloodstream try removed immediately following an instantly quick, no alcoholic beverages the past day no puffing new last step three instances, because of the venipuncture plus Vacutainer Tubes. Analyses have been made in the Research regarding Health-related Biochemistry, Central Hospital during the Karlstad. Calcium supplements and you will magnesium blogs in whole bloodstream, solution, muscle and pee is dependent on nuclear absorption spectrophotometry. Glycosylated haemoglobin, HbA1c, are dependent on brand new ion change HPLC strategy. Drinking water examples was drawn in given bottles about laboratory on the new early morning of trip to medical middle and you can analysed to own magnesium and calcium supplements. The outcomes were given from inside the mg/l.


Differences between groups out of persisted parameters was analysed having fun with Student’s T-ensure that you, getting details judged due to the fact skewed, the brand new Mann-Whitney U-take to. Out-of categorical parameters the fresh new chi-squared try was used. Correlations were calculated using Spearman’s rank-relationship coefficient.

Multivariate linear regression was did to check on brand new cousin dependence on products perhaps causing the brand new adaptation in chance foundation profile. Good stepwise processes was applied, by which facts maybe not significantly contributing was indeed excluded. Residuals was checked having normality and you will shown zero distressful features.


Table dos suggests detailed socio-economic study. Many years and you may gender were similar in the teams. The person academic peak try higher from the east town. The individuals throughout the west is residents throughout the town a whole lot more decades than in brand new east.

Desk step 3 suggests wellness details of the users. The brand new prevalence of earlier cardio conditions, blood pressure level, Body mass index and you will all forms of diabetes don’t differ between the groups, nor did the employment of procedures. Systolic blood pressure try large, and you may puffing more common about eastern compared to south west.

Lab variables was demonstrated from inside the desk cuatro. The latest suggest s-cholesterol levels was significantly higher from the western, once the are the degree of s-LDL-cholesterol levels and you will LDL/HDL. H2o offered by this new town was applied of the twenty four.5% regarding east municipality and you can 61.5% about west, the remainder having fun with private wells.

The complete hardness regarding liquid, defined as the sum of the calcium supplements and you may magnesium, in household water regarding the a couple municipalities was exhibited inside the Contour step one.

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