Mona answers if she will be able to survive through Alison, she will be able to survive this unknown messaging

Mona answers if she will be able to survive through Alison, she will be able to survive this unknown messaging

When Mona starts to discover texts off “A,” Hanna confesses you to “A” try an individual who is actually tormenting this lady along with her family unit members. Later on, Mona reveals Hanna a situation report from the time Hanna shoplifted the latest glasses. Brand new report was added to Mona’s mailbox from the “A.” Mona had to allow the incident are accountable to the brand new Rosewood Observer usually she would getting filling out a police report herself. The next day, Mona demonstrates that she visited the newest jewellery shop and you can returned the new necklace she stole. The store owners called the police and her mother is actually operating away a package. Hanna thank-you her and you will Mona responses one to she won’t do anything so you can damage the lady best friend along with her mom. At school, when Hanna passes Mona’s dining table, Hanna attracts Mona to sit down with her, Aria, and you will Emily. Mona is reluctant earliest but at some point believes to sit down together.

She refers to just how the woman romantic relationship with Hanna changed after Caleb entered the image and you may admits that she was jealous from its relationships

Hanna says to Mona you to Caleb is in Montecito along with his friends as they walk-down Head Highway at night. Upcoming she asks in the event that Mona has received people this new texts of “A.” She claims no and begins to whine concerning society provider she’s got to complete. Aria, Mona, Spencer, and Emily the gather with the Hanna, exactly who says to him or her their mom was “sensuous on A trail.” Ashley believes law enforcement declaration was taken to Hanna, perhaps not Mona, and you may gave they to help you Wilden as she thinks it will remain them safe. Mona provides a thought. It needs a large rest and seem to she is dreadful at the one to. She requires which of them is the better liar and you can they all suggest Aria. A bit affronted, she requires Mona exactly what lays this lady has to tell.

On the hall at school, Mona give Hanna a vintage cell phone which will statement to the lady membership and be out of the woman mom’s radar

Whenever she renders, Spencer tends to make a joke about Mona’s sense of entitlement. Mona makes some laughs and risks on the Jenna in order to Hanna, unhappy about how she poached Noel Kahn proper from around their. She expresses one to Spencer can be grateful she is perhaps not with Toby any longer, however, Hanna understands how much cash Spencer might have been injuring, she isn’t really so yes. Mona tells Hanna you to Spencer is actually smart and you can aided her owing to a hard breakup. Hanna wants she gets Toby out-of Jenna for five moments to speak particular sense to your him. Mona immediately formulates an intend to prompt Toby regarding whom Jenna is actually.

marches up to Hanna from the hall , disturb concerning newest text regarding “A” that states if she will not breakup “Hanna and her babe” she’ll return to are “a good junior high hottie.” Whenever Caleb shows up, Mona leaves however, intends to be present a short while later due to their slumber cluster. At the Hanna’s consult, Mona and Caleb see Melissa whilst in a car or truck. They generate shameful small-talk until Mona explains you to although none of them would like to be there, they actually do it for Hanna. Emily texts Mona “Showtime,” plus they proceed to make out due to the fact Melissa walks out of a building. Caleb pulls out, however, Mona guarantees your they actually do it “having Hanna” and kisses him once again and you will Melissa takes notice.

Mona attends the fresh Rosewood Masquerade Baseball on the other females and you will later complements Spencer into the Forgotten Woods resort once Spencer deduces that “A” had leased the room near the one Alison is existence in the. From the place, it see sketches from a black colored Swan outfit and you will finish you to “A” need to be dressed in it on ball. She actually leaves the resort space while you are Spencer will continue to search. A few momemts afterwards, Mona output with the space sporting a black hoodie. Mona acknowledges this woman is “A” and you can congratulates Spencer to your figuring it out, before knocking the lady away. They push on the road in which she has the benefit of Spencer to become listed on the girl or drop-off. Spencer will get out of the vehicles and when the others arrive, she periods Spencer however, drops off a good cliff. She endures, however, and that is institutionalized. She revels precisely how everything you whenever predicated on plan and you may looks to possess someone.

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