Staff who happen to be produced redundant for specified causes have entitlement to receive severance wages based on the number of years in service

Staff who happen to be produced redundant for specified causes have entitlement to receive severance wages based on the number of years in service

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Entitlements and obligations

Parental, pregnancy and paternity leave

In 2022, normally 34,565 maternity benefits had been given per month. The show of men receivers is growing and was actually 22% in 2022. Adult allowance was supplied to 138,706 men monthly an average of. Almost all these everyone was people. No figures can be obtained regarding the display of parental leave. Paternity allow just isn’t used.

Statutory allow arrangements

Maternity allow

The regular duration is 34 days (6a€“8 days ahead of the birth), 37 months for a single mother and 43 months for a mummy who may have given beginning to twins or higher kiddies.

A lady often begins maternity allow 6 weeks ahead of the organized birth, or even for a novice mom, 8 weeks before beginning.

If she will not use this amount of maternity set unconditionally, she can only make use of 22 weeks following the delivery.

Pregnancy allowance is calculated as 75% (2018) of the daily evaluation base or perhaps the likely daily examination base (average earning).

Public Insurance Company

Work No. 461/2003 on social insurance policies, as revised.

Work No. 311/2001 on the work rule, as revised and regarding healthcare guidelines.

Parental create

Optimal doing the kid age 3 years (6 years if wellness condition on the child/ren is critical from inside the long-term).

According to 1 July 2020, it had been a‚¬270 monthly and a‚¬370 monthly, after individual earlier was given a maternity benefit

Societal Insurance Company

Operate No. 571/2009 on parental allowance as revised.

Work No. 311/2001 from the labor rule, as amended, and associated medical care laws

Paternity put

Crazy keep

Ill allow try controlled by work No. 461/2003 on social insurance rates and by work No. 462/2003 on money substitution in the event of an employeea€™s short-term incapacity for services. Some sickness-related dilemmas may controlled from the Labour rule. Illness pay try offered based on the duration of the disease. When it comes to basic 10 times of vomiting, the advantage (as a wage payment) is actually compensated by the company on the ill employee. For all the rest with the time, the power is settled by societal insurance company (SP). The most time of sickness profit is 52 weeks. The vomiting advantage is actually paid in situation of long-term sick leave: truly 55% on the examination base (day-to-day profits determined in line with the earlier 12 months, with a monthly ceiling of double the national ordinary monthly wage) from the eleventh day’s incapacity for operate. Based on the Labour Code, terminating the employment relationship while the worker is on sick allow is not allowed. In 2022, the whole wide range of settled pros was actually 1,487,618. Since March 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SP will pay the benefit in addition for your earliest 10 times of sickness instead of businesses.


In 2004, the retirement for receiving the old-age retirement got risen up to 62 age for several society communities (excepting lady with multiple kids, for whom this retirement age will likely be attained in 2023). From 2017 onwards, the appropriate retirement will progressively enrich with respect to the upsurge in life span. In 2018, the retirement ended up being extended to 62 decades and 139 days and in 2022, it was lengthened to 62 decades and 6 months.

Wages: For people, the prize for work and major income source; for businesses, a price of generation while focusing of bargaining and legislation. This part checks minimum-wage setting in Slovakia and guides an individual to help expand content on collective wage negotiating.

Earnings in Slovakia have been growing in the last 10 years. For-instance, typical gross month-to-month earnings throughout the economy increasing from a‚¬888 in 2012 to a‚¬1,262 in 2022, a growth of 42percent. Wages improved in all sectors of the economy and significant increases occurred inside the management and help solutions (57%), studies (by 55%), public management and defence and art, recreation and relaxing (each 54percent) and health and personal treatments (47per cent) industries. The best normal wages can be found in details and communication, economic and insurance rates strategies, and energy, gasoline, vapor and air cooling present industries at a‚¬2,156, a‚¬1,979 and a‚¬1,873 each month respectively. The best earnings become lasting in housing and edibles service recreation (a‚¬778).

Typical gross month-to-month earnings per worker (EUR)







Facts and communications

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Economic and insurance tasks

Mining and quarrying

Real property activities

Pro, logical and technical strategies

Electricity, gasoline, steam and air cooling present

Administrative and help solution tasks

Water-supply; sewerage, waste control and removal recreation

Public administration and defence; mandatory social protection

General and merchandising trade; maintenance of motor vehicles and motorcycles

Human health and personal efforts tasks

Transport and storage space

Arts, entertainment and sporting

Housing and delicacies service strategies

Different services activities

Average gross month-to-month wages per male/female worker (EUR)








All economy

Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Mining and quarrying

Energy, gas, vapor and air-con supplies

Water supply; sewerage, spend control and removal recreation

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