The Best Car Loans For People With Bad Credit

The Best Car Loans For People With Bad Credit

Luckily, applying for auto loans with bad credit isn’t so bad. With so many players in the industry, lenders are forced to compete (yes, compete!) for your business as a subprime borrower. You’ll still see high APRs, but at least your options are greatly improved.

So what are some of the best subprime auto lenders? What pitfalls and gotchas should you look out for? And which lender is right for you?


personal loans for debt consolidation bad credit

  • APR: 2.49% – % APR .
  • Term lengths: 12 to 144 months.
  • Allows joint filing: Varies by lender.

Monevo is payday advance in Mississippi not a lender, but an aggregator, meaning they will show you multiple competing loan offers at once, all from reputable lenders you can trust. For that reason, it’s a great place to start your search.

I also appreciate how easy Monevo is to use. Its interface is simple, quick, and intuitive, so you can see multiple loan offers in minutes. Monevo only makes a soft credit pull (that won’t affect your credit) and it’s totally free; instead of charging you for the service, they get a kickback from the lender you eventually work with.

The drawbacks to Monevo are typical for an aggregator of any type. They’ll show you offers from some, but not all lenders out there, so you’ll still have some due diligence ahead of you. Plus, Monevo might sell your information to its partners, so you may get a few unwanted phone calls.

Lending Club

  • APR: 8.05% to % APR.
  • Term lengths: 36 months or 60 months.
  • Allows joint filing: Yes.

Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lender, meaning you’re not borrowing money from a big bank or financial institution but real people. Everyday investors will see your request for a loan, invest in you, and you’ll pay them back through Lending Club just like you would a bank.

In short, LendingClub Bank offers a few key advantages for bad-credit borrowers. First, if you are approved, you might see a lower APR than you would with a big for-profit bank. Second, Lending Club can fill your bank account within days; that’s lightning-quick in the loan space since it can sometimes take a bank or a credit union weeks to process and approve your loan.

The chief drawback to Lending Club is that borrowers with poor credit aren’t guaranteed an offer. But if you get one, the pros outweigh the cons; APRs can be competitive, turnaround is quick, and you get the satisfaction of paying interest to a real-life investor.

Capital One

how do personal loans work

  • APR: Varies.
  • Term lengths: 24 to 75 months.
  • Allows joint filing: No.

Most big banks set high bars for personal loans, requiring some combination of excellent credit, high income, or a hard credit check just for a quote.

Capital One goes against the grain by requiring none of these. First, they have no minimum credit requirement, so you don’t have to approach their loan application with a sense of dread or trepidation. Plus, they only make a soft credit pull for an offer, and that offer is good for 30 days.

It’s also worth mentioning the general perks of borrowing from a big bank. You’ll get stability, a competitive fixed rate, and dedicated customer service that other lenders may not have.

Capital One’s chief competitive advantage for bad-credit borrowers, however, is its low income requirement threshold. As long as you can show proof of $1,800 in monthly income, you’ll likely qualify for a Capital One auto loan. By contrast, some lenders require $4,000 or more even in addition to good credit.

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